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Discover the Energy of Connection Through Horses

Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level?

Begin your journey to a true partnership by learning how to develop a relationship based on freedom, respect and compassion.

Liberty Horse Training

DancesWithHorses - 125 Discover how to build a deep heart felt connection with your horse through The Carolyn Resnick Method ~ Waterhole Rituals.  One that is based in FREEDOM balancing the relational need for both deep respect and cherished bond. View Dancing with Horses

Waterhole Rituals for Wellness

MannahnMe3For Wellness Professionals (Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Equine Assisted Learning Professionals) to empower their clients to connect with their emotional wisdom & find their whole-hearted desires.View Waterhole Rituals for Wellness

The Dance of Relationship

Mannah_eye2eyeLearn more about Ears Forward Coaching’s signature program “The Dance of Relationship: For Equine Inspired Women”.View The Dance of Relationship

Clinics in Canada

The Introduction to the Waterhole Ritual Clinics in Canada are taught by Carolyn Resnick Suggested Trainer: Sharolyn Wandzura of Ears Forward Coaching. Would you like to bring a clinic to a barn near you?

Ears Forward Coaching offers Liberty Horse Training inspired by the Carolyn Resnick Method and Wellness Coaching & Equine Guided Development programs.
Carolyn Resnick’s Method of Liberty Training™ starts with the Waterhole Rituals and is based on the nature of horses. This approach is based on the nature of horses and focuses on building a foundational RELATIONSHIP with your horse. No matter what “program” or “discipline” or “path” you are on, the Waterhole Rituals will enhance your understanding and connection with your horse.

Video on Stages of Relationship: Chopra and Simon : Love, Attraction, Darkside

Learning about my relationship with my horse has opened my eyes to relationships with others… I find the 7 stages of Relationship fascinating.


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